Why You Should Hire a Husband & Wife Team

        While we feel like most people can clearly see the advantages to having two photographers on their wedding day - such as being at two different getting ready locations, capturing simultaneous events, getting two different creative eyes, etc. - the advantages of hiring a dedicated husband & wife team have even more.

        Are we biased? Absolutely. Why? (Enter soapbox)

        We've been there

        We’ve been in your shoes (or better yet bare feet). We understand what you guys are experiencing in a very personal way, we get it - the stress, the anticipation, the excitement - and we keep that all in mind. Reflecting on how we felt helps us be more aware and in-tune with our couples needs so we can be sure we're bringing positive energy to the day.

        Marriage is something we’re passionate about and we bring that to every wedding, genuinely so happy for you on finding your human and starting a marriage together, because we know first hand how much happiness it can bring.

        Divide & Conquer

        One of the most obvious advantages to two photographers is being in two places at once. But where being a husband & wife is even better is that it means a girl being with the girls getting ready, and a guy being with the guys. It’s a lot comfier having another girl in the room while you're hanging out in your robes & getting dressed, while having a guy with the groomsmen lets them feel free to be themselves and cut up as guys do while they’re pregaming for a wedding. Feeling comfy + themselves = more genuine, candid photographs ??

        We have a rhythm

        We have a rhythm for how to work with each other to photograph two things at once, or two perspectives - it takes a good bit of preparation & planning but that’s where working with each other every single wedding has let us get pretty dang good at it :) These photos are one example of Drake & I capturing the same event but from different perspectives to tell more of the story..

        You're getting two full-time photographers.

        Chances are when you hire a photographer and add on a “second shooter” you don’t have any control over who that will be. The lead photographer also has to pay this photographer, so they may use someone less experienced to cut back on their cost. Don’t get us wrong, hiring a photographer who uses a second shooter is very common in this industry and we know plenty that do amazing work. But we want to highlight that when hiring a dedicated husband & wife team (who are both full time) you are getting two seasoned pros. Not one lead & one backup. Score.

        One of each

        Having one man & one woman we can each bring different skills to the table & play to our strengths. For example, Drake is our gear guy. He is the guru of all things cameras, settings, and lighting equipment. If there's any troubleshooting to be done - he's our guy. Whereas I bring a little bit more of a feminine touch to the table when it comes to photographing memorable details that need arranging or fixing a cranky bustle ;)

        We love work

        Being able to celebrate weddings for work is cool enough, but when you get to do it with your best friend it’s even better. We have fun together & inspire each other, as well as being each other’s support when we need it. Your wedding is a big deal & we think that being able to have vendors that love their job around you just adds to the excitement.