Intimate Red River Gorge Wedding

        Love for the outdoors runs deep in our family, and Red River Gorge is our favorite spot in Kentucky. We take a family trip to the Gorge every year and as wedding photographers we’re always hoping for as many Red River Gorge Weddings we can get! The natural beauty of the rock formations, high lookouts, rare arches, and mature forest make the Gorge the perfect spot for an adventurous wedding or engagement session! Officially it’s the Red River Gorge geological area within the Daniel Boone National Forest. The Gorge is located approximately 60 miles SE of Lexington here. The area is full of trails great for hiking, campsites available for overnight stay, and a lake for kayaking/fishing. Rock climbing is probably what Red River Gorge is known best for as it has the most natural arches east of the Rockies. If you’re looking for a beautiful outdoor wedding location or epic engagement photos be sure to consider Red River Gorge, and you guessed it . . . we’d love to be the photographers!!

        We were so excited when Teresa contacted us for a Red River Gorge wedding in the fall! Everything was so perfect about their wedding day, even with a little chill in the air – it didn’t stop them from running around the Gorge with Eliza & I to get epic hidden lookout photos! Matt and Teresa are such a cool couple & we loved how intimate and true to themselves they kept their wedding, down to homemade wedding cake & home brewed beer! We had so much fun being a part of their big day & we wish these two all the best!

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