Red River Gorge Engagement Session

        When we think about our ideal day of shooting, the two things that jump in front of the line are the desire to be out in nature, surrounded by beauty that makes all the trivial details of life not matter for a moment, and being able to experience a connection with a like minded couple. Adding a camera to the mix just gives us a tool to grab all that good stuff, freeze it, and keep it in our pocket (yes, unfortunately this may just mean in our phones). The desire to deliberately seek this out more often led us to want to offer something different than the typical hour-ish long photo shoot in a local park. We wanted to make this shared experience between us and our couples a fun adventure that resulted in some amazing photos. We wanted those photos to bring our couple back to a memorable time they shared together while engaged, and not merely the engagement photo session they did with those photographers.

        Michael and Jodie are such a great couple that we share so much in common with. When we talked with them about our idea of doing something a little different they were game right from the start. We settled on doing some hiking out in Red River Gorge which is a little over 2 hrs from Louisville. With the drive to and from + about 4 hours of exploring the Gorge it was definitely an all day kinda thing, and that’s exactly what we wanted! When couples try to cram in a photoshoot at the end of a typical work day it can become a source of stress and more of a task to be crossed off the day’s sticky note than something to look forward to and get excited about. When we have the chance to give a whole day to an experience, that excitement can build and the stress is negated. In the end it just puts us in an excited + adventurous frame of mind, and that makes all the difference in the photos. We genuinely had a great time with Michael and Jodie! We started the day as their photographers and said our goodbyes as new friends, that’s the good stuff about what we do!

        Now let us qualify everything we just said lol. We’re not saying the typical engagement sessions we do with the vast majority of our couples can’t be an enjoyable experience that results in some incredible photos of you and your human. We’re not saying that we don’t enjoy our other engagement sessions either, because we absolutely do! What we are saying is that if it’s within a couple’s circumstances why not make it something more. Devote an entire day to an experience and we promise you’ll have a fun + memorable day together with your human that results in some incredible photos and maybe even some new friends : )


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