Our Values...

        We love the good stuff. The good stuff isn’t about trends or expectations. It’s not concerned with the show or the fluff. It transcends social status, culture, and ideologies. It connects people, and lies at the core of the human condition.

        Love. Love is the good stuff. The passionate love between a husband and his wife. The protective love a father feels for his daughter. The loyal love we feel for those who have supported us at our lowest points. Love in its many different flavors is ultimately the good stuff in life. It forges meaningful connections between people and we thrive when we feel connected to others. A wedding is the recognition and celebration of the most powerful connection there is, marriage.

        We value marriage. Everything marriage should be, everything it can be, and if you care for it, everything it will be. Your wedding is the start of your marriage. Soak it all in, dwell on all that your future together might hold, how grateful you are to have each other, how marriage is a gift that not everyone gets to experience. Now with all that driving you, let’s celebrate it!

         We hope our couples will intentionally choose to be present at their wedding. Focusing on the love they’re both feeling for each other and from all those celebrating with them. Laugh, cry, hug, hold, dance, tell old stories, reminisce, and know that you will remember all of it. Because we’re there. And we’re capturing the good stuff with everything we’ve got, because that’s what really matters.

        Our Motivation...

        Typically our home is a noisy place, most of that due to Rowan, our two year old little boy. He’s constantly learning to use his voice in some funny new way, we love it! Sometimes though the house gets really quiet. This means Row has found a book. One day he discovered a new favorite, our wedding album.

        Flipping through our album with Row, telling him about each photo he points to, makes us appreciate having those memories preserved so much. They’ve become more and more valuable with each year that’s gone by. Our wedding photos remind us of how new and exciting it felt to finally be husband and wife, how much our family and friends mean to us, and in turn how much we mean to them. It reminds us of the vow we made to each other, all we’ve been through together since then, and all that our future together might hold.

         After months of anticipation our wedding went by so fast, and even though it was incredibly meaningful to us, we’ve already forgotten so much about that day. As time passes and our memories get foggier, our photos have become more valuable than we could have imagined.

        Knowing how much our couple’s photos will mean to them, how they’ll cherish theirs as we do ours, and how those images will preserve their story for generations to come, drives us to pour everything we have into documenting their wedding day. We’re committed to capturing all the connections, emotions, and moments we can.
        So you can feel it all, forever.

        Our Approach...

        So how do we do this thing? For starters there’s two of us. Eliza and I working as a team is a such a huge part of how we document the day. We rely on each other to capture contrasting perspectives to tell a complete story in the end.

        As you already know, we value authentic moments of connection over manufactured photos so we keep our presence to a minimum as much as possible. We step in to give direction for group photos and portraits, because while still meaningful, they’re not as candid in nature. Couples portraits are really fun for us, so if you’re a couple that is super excited about creating some true to you wedding portraits, we’re all about it! Many of our couples want to to keep the formal photos short and sweet. Due to this, we’re going for quality over quantity when it comes to group and couples portraits, we promise not to make you spend a third of your reception fake smiling at the camera.

        We treat our couples like we would our close friends. This isn’t just a business relationship for us. When our couples can feel that we truly care for them, their family, and their wedding day experience, they trust us, allow us into their space, and can even be a bit vulnerable with us. Trust and vulnerability make all the difference when trying to capture our couples true personalities. Building that relationship starts right now, as you’re reading this and getting to know us and our work, you’re either feeling a connection and a sense of trust or you're not. If you are, reach out to us through our contact form, we can’t wait to get to know you!