Cozy Backyard Wedding Frankfort Kentucky

        A gorgeous open field wedding, a cozy backyard reception, and the cutest little family behind it all. Emily + Thom are exactly the kind of couples we love to share in their big day with.

        We absolutely love a wedding where the couple can somewhat throw tradition out the window and do what feels right to them. Which is a big reason we love backyard weddings so much. That, and the more we get to be outdoors the better 🙂 The property, which encompassed the getting ready homes, the ceremony, & reception location (sidetone: having all those locations be one in the same – SUCH a wedding day stress reliever and you’ll definitely get a big high five from us) had been in the family since the 1930s! We started the day getting ready at Emily’s grandmother’s house, before going out to the open field where Emily + Thom said their vows in front of their closest friends & family. Vows, not just to each other, but to their girls as they gave them their own rings as well. It was one of the most touching mid-ceremony moments we’ve photographed. They finished the night in their backyard draped with string lights & the most beautiful golden hour as the sun set. They danced, they laughed, they made smores over a bonfire, and shared ice cream underneath fireworks. It was a relaxing evening of true celebration of love & family.

        Emily & Thom, you have the cutest little family and we are so happy for all of you.