Should You Have a ‘First Look’?

        What exactly is
        a first look?

        A ‘first look’ is a special time set aside before the wedding ceremony when you get to see each other for the first time & be together - just the two of you. Taking a moment to relax together early on sets a calm atmosphere for the rest of the day. Nothing will settle your nerves like taking time to just be together on your wedding day. Seeing each other earlier in the day (while things are still relatively calm) allows you the chance to talk, reflect on what’s about to happen, and soak it all in. As the day moves forward, there’s a lot more happening that will take your attention away from each other and things can start to fly by. This can be a moment for just the two of you.

        You can get straight to the party.

        You’ll get to take your portraits and group photos before the ceremony so you can go straight to the party (& that food you’ve been thinking about). This will reduce the time crunch between the ceremony ending and your introduction to the reception. Being hungry, thirsty, and ready to get to the celebration while still having a laundry list of photos ahead of you can be very stressful. Any way that you can reduce stress on your wedding day is a good idea

        Take photos while you look your best.

        All your pre-ceremony photos will be while both your hair and make-up are freshest. Before the sweat + tears the ceremony may bring, you’ll get to have most of your portraits taken while you look your absolute best.

        As photographers, we love being there to capture the moment the groom sees his bride for the first time

        whether that’s completely alone, or down the aisle.

        As a bride, I can tell you that seeing Drake beforehand was, without a doubt, my favorite part of the whole day. The intimate moments we got to steal for just the two of us are the ones I will always cherish most.