Backyard Cabin Wedding in the Woods

        Dustin and Bree are the kind of couple that this world needs a lot more of. From our time with them we could see how they are both kind, caring, genuinely interested in others, and true to their character and ideals. We’re so fortunate they chose us to be a part of their wedding, it was honestly the most emotionally moving wedding we’ve had the privilege to be a part of! Dustin and Bree wanted to be very intentional and true to themselves with how they chose to celebrate their marriage. Their faith and those they worship with were rooted at the core of their wedding. They chose to have their day on the property Bree grew up. We absolutely love backyard weddings because they’re so incredibly personal. Most people naturally feel most comfortable, confident, and secure in their home environment, which helps eliminate so much of the stress and nerves that can come with a wedding. The wedding was slated to be in an open space of the property with mature trees as the backdrop, but the weather had other plans and rain forced the ceremony under the reception tent. Everything didn’t go as planned for Dustin and Bree but their focus was on each other, and the fact that they were there to get married in front of family and friends. It honestly didn’t seem to phase them in the least to have to give up their ceremony spot last minute, it just wasn’t what was most important to them about that day. The highlight of the ceremony was the worship singing, the highlight of the reception was when Bree’s mom was moved to join Bree and her father for the last bit of the father daughter dance and the spontaneously special moment the three of them shared. The highlight of the day was the palpable affection everyone there had for Dustin and Bree. Loving people are thoroughly loved, and Dustin and Bree’s wedding was a reminder of that for us!





        So beautiful!!! Wonderful pics!!! I am Dustin,s cousinand was not able to attend the wedding being in Pennsylvania so I was very happy to see these wonderful pictures

        Aww I hope the photos do it justice, it was absolutely beautiful!!!