How to Have an Amazing Engagement Session

        This is your time to showcase your relationship.

        The intent is not just to create pretty photos, it’s to document your love. We want to see what you & your fiancé are all about, how you feel about each other. Snuggly and intimate, or goofy and spontaneous, we want your photos to be true to you.

        but why are they so important?

        They make for better
        wedding day photos.

        Having time together before the big day allows us all the chance to get to know each other a little bit better. Not only will it allow for you as a couple to get comfy in front of the camera (making it much easier to get those natural, candid portraits on the big day when we’re under a time crunch) but it will allow us to document the story of your day in a much more tailored way.

        Even still, getting your photos taken can be terrifying for some. We get it, we’re not big fans of being on the other side of the camera either. Here are a few tips/ideas we like to make our couples aware of so that we can have a good time and create some unique & awesome photos together!

        Embrace the Outtakes

        Don’t act or pose the way you think you ‘should’. Often the most spontaneous of moments make for the best photos. Try to forget that we’re there and just flirt with each other. Genuine interactions are always beautiful, snort laughs and all. What others may consider to be “outtakes” are commonly our favorites.

        Let your guard down

        To capture the feeling of this unique stage of your relationship, vulnerability is key.

        We’ll be guiding you through the shoot, but only you two can show us what makes your relationship so special. Our goal is to create a space for you two to let your guard down and be 100% yourselves. The rest is up to what you two bring into that space. Try to forget about what you look like and just let yourselves dwell on your relationship, how you feel about each other, how grateful you are that that person is in your life. Everything else will come naturally.

        Another key to this is ignoring the camera. You cannot connect with each other and be focused on the camera. Nothing makes us happier than seeing you two go into your own little world and be fully present in the moment together. Promise we’re happy to have you ignore us.

        Pick a meaningful location

        Your favorite hike, your ‘go-to’ date night, where he proposed, your local coffee shop that fueled your dating adventures, or simply your own cozy home – being in a setting that helps you focus on each other, your relationship, & help bring out all the feels helps to put you two in the right headspace & create authentic photos to your relationship. It also allows you to remember more of your story together when you’re looking through your photos 10 years from now and remember how you two used to love climbing the gorge together while you were dating.