What we're about

        Our family & faith are at the center of our lives.

        Our Row is two years old & the start of most of our belly laughs together.

        We’re happiest either outdoors where trees outnumber people or cozied up at home with Netflix and homemade pizza.  We’re definitely a family of introverts but occasionally enjoy other humans too : )

        We laugh way too hard at each other’s bad puns, but also love getting lost in conspiracy theory discussions together until midnight.

        Eliza feels energized when she’s had her morning meditation, knocked out her to do list with time to spare, eaten super healthy all day, killed it at the gym, and had some funky new dinner recipe turn out perfect.

        Drake moves at a much slower and admittedly less productive pace, but undoubtedly brings his own flavor to the table. He gets the most excited over brainstorming new ideas and mapping out where the future may take us. He loves learning & when he finds a new interest, is only satisfied once he knows it inside and out. He’s honest and outspoken and as often as his sense of humor gets him in trouble, it makes Eliza love him all the more. 

        & together we are passionate about marriage.