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            we help you feel comfortable so you can be your real self
            we value meaningful more than just pretty
            we capture images that make you feel
            this is about the little moments & the big emotions
            ensuring your most cherished memories last a lifetime

            What makes a photograph honest?
            and why does it matter?
            An honest photograph doesn’t show fake smiles, bogus laughs, or forced poses. Honest photographs are about reality. How you really felt the first time you watched a sunset as husband and wife, when your dad choked up during his speech, or as you danced the night away with your best friends. In order for a photograph to have lasting value it has to make you feel something, it has to be meaningful. Honest photographs are not always meaningful but meaningful photographs are always honest.
            What’s it mean to be an "intentional" couple?
            because we're not about labels..
            Being intentional with your decisions is all about values and being true to yourself. It’s about wanting your personality and the things you stand for to be honestly represented in all the little things. It’s about saying no to traditions, trends, or family expectations if it means doing something that just really doesn't feel like you. It’s about questioning the why before saying yes to the what, and genuinely feeling good about the reasons behind our choices.

            Husband & Wife Louisville Wedding Photographers

            Hey we're Drake & Eliza

            We value relationships over all else. We prioritize sharing experiences with the ones we love most. We love the feeling of creating something meaningful, and being able to share that with others through photography. Drake does way too many finger guns, Eliza still laughs every time.

            What we're about

            Kind Words

            Bailey + Adam
            Joshua + Lindsey
            Kevin + Elizabeth
            Jane + Charlie

            We can't say enough wonderful things about Drake & Eliza. Not only are they incredible people who put everyone in the family and wedding party at ease, their photos are just absolutely stunning. We took pictures in our home, outside, inside our ballroom venue, and on a lighted patio in the evening, and every single photo is elegantly shot despite the changes in location and lighting. Drake & Eliza also captured so many special and intimate moments throughout the day and it will be a joy to relive those through their photography forever. Looking back on the whole wedding planning process, Drake & Eliza's photography is one we can honestly say is 1000% worth the investment.

            Our photos with Drake and Eliza were everything we could possibly have imagined. Their style and creative vision makes them truly stand out amongst the best wedding photos we've seen. They were very easy to collaborate with and were flexible in shooting in two different locations. But Drake and Eliza went above and beyond by actually making our wedding experience feel even more special. We did an elopement and they arranged for us to have a first dance (something we hadn't even thought of) by playing our song on a portable speaker. They also made us feel more relaxed, therefore looking more natural, and made the photo session a truly enjoyable and memorable experience. Our time spent taking the photos was one of the very best parts of our wedding day. They were very quick in getting our photos to us, and we couldn't possibly be happier with the result.

            These two!!! They are so talented and fun to be around. We are so so glad we had the opportunity to work with them. Our wedding photos are perfect! Thank you, Drake and Eliza, for capturing our day and for letting us relive every moment through your cameras! I will recommend them to anyone and everyone who asks for my advice. We are so thankful for these two and their art <3

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            Drake and Eliza were not only great to work with (professional, kind, very talented) but they're also just really wonderful people. They were able to put us at ease instantly, and they made the entire process fun and not at all stressful. I am SO glad that we got to work with them and meet them - I would highly recommend them to anyone in need of a wedding photographer!

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